Our Story -MICCI

Madiga Industrial Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) was established in 2018 by Shri.Kondepogu Kanniah, A Electrical Engineer and Entrepreneur & Shri. Lanka Anand Rao, A Civil Engineer and Gazetted Officer in A.P.Government. While Mr. Kanannaih is currently the Chairman, the organization has grown with the help of 13 Districts of Andhra Pradesh. Its membership base is rapidly expanding as more Madiga entrepreneurs become aware of its activities and what it can offer them.

The activities of its members are quite diversified ranging from manufacturing (sectors such as chemicals, agri-products, frozen foods, plastics, textiles, pest control, metals and metallurgy, marine engineering, solar energy, sugar refining), construction and services (health care, hospitality industries, education and international trade).

MICCI’s tag line explains its philosophy and its raison d’etre:
Be Job Givers – Not Job Seekers.

MICCI Approach

The Chamber operates with a three-fold mandate:

  • Bring together all Madiga entrepreneurs under one umbrella
  • Become a one-stop Resource Centre for existing and aspiring Madiga entrepreneurs
  • Promote entrepreneurship among Madiga as a solution to their socio-economic problems

Challenges for MICCI

As we chart out the future course of action, we confront many challenges in terms of fostering entrepreneurship among the community: a) availability of early-stage funding; b) creating professional Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDPs) tailored for their needs without ignoring their social setting, and; c) helping existing Madiga entrepreneurs scale up their operations and grow.

A) The legacy model of ‘collateral based lending’ preferred by traditional FIs creates an entry barrier to aspiring Madiga entrepreneurs as they rarely possess assets that can be collateralized. However, it is not clear how far it will be feasible to create an ‘early stage funding Venture Capital mechanism’ as an alternative.

B) Establishing EDPs as professionally run programs, not exclusively for Madiga (to avoid ghettoization and expand their professional networks).

C) Creating / accessing professional funds that can invest in Madiga businesses that are on the growth trajectory.

A major challenge for MICCI is how to create/prescribe benchmarks for its members in terms of how and from where to access capital and pitfalls thereof, and where to turn for advice and mentoring. The MICCI and its members face a large knowledge gap about the complexities, opportunities and risks in harnessing the financial sector.

OUR VISION - ‘Developing Business Leadership in Madiga Community’

Madiga Industrial Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MICCI) was established on 02nd April 2018. To instill the spirit of entrepreneurship among Madiga youth to develop business leadership, thus empowering them to walk in step with the world.

OUR MISSION - 'Be job givers - Not job seekers'

To motivate Madiga youth to enter the business & industry sector as entrepreneurs and to carve their own niche; To encourage them to contribute to the nation's economy through wealth creation and to spread the spirit of enterprise to other fellow members. Our mission is to encourage Madiga entrepreneurs and support them in their ventures.

OUR AIM - ‘Developing Business Leadership in Madiga Community’

MICCI - On the path of learning and enrichment through Networking and Knowledge exchange.

  • Business Trade Fairs.
  • Seminars & Workshops.
  • Interaction with Industry and Government.
  • Share the Information on latest trends & opportunities


Meet the Team

MICCI Board of Directors
Why? Because people want to know who they're doing best for Madiga Community with. It's a human thing.

Shri. Kondepogu Kanniah

Founder President

A Electrical Engineer And Entrepreneur.

Shri. Lanka Ananda Rao

Organizing Secretary

A Civil Engineer And Entrepreneur. Gazetted Officer in Andhra Pradesh Government.

Shri Devarakonda Venkata Swamy


Sarpanch for Perecherla Village, Medikonduru Mandal, Guntur District

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